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Thursday, September 17, 2009

rahsia tarikh lahir korunk ikot kaler :)

If your birthday is between.... Birthday Color
> > December 23rd ~ January 1st = Red
> > January 2nd ~ January 11th = Orange
> > January 12th ~ January 24th = Yellow
> > January 25th ~ February 3rd = Pink
> > February 4th ~ February 8th = Blue
> > February 9th ~ February 18th = Green
> > February 19th ~ February 28th = Brown
> > February 1st ~ March 10th = Aqua
> > March 11th ~ March 20th = Lime
> > March 21st = Black
> > March 22nd ~ March 31st = Purple
> > April 1st ~ April 10th = Navy
> > April 11th ~ April 20th = Silver
> > April 21st ~ April 30th = White
> > May 2st ~ May 14th = Blue
> > May 15th ~ May 24th = Gold
> > May 25th ~ June 3rd = Cream
> > June 4th ~ June 13th = Grey
> > June 14th ~ June 23rd = Maroon
> > June 24th = Grey
> > June 25th ~ July 4th = Red
> > July 5th ~ July 14th = Orange
> > July 15th ~ July 25th = Yellow
> > July 26th ~ August 4th = Pink
> > August 5th ~ August 13th = Blue
> > August 14th ~ August 23rd = Green
> > August 24th ~ September 2nd = Brown
> > September 3rd ~ September 12th = Aqua
> > September 13th ~ September 22nd = Lime
> > September 23rd = Olive
> > September 24th ~October 3rd = Purple
> > October 4th ~ October 13th = Navy
> > October 14th ~ October 23rd = Silver
> > October 24th ~November 11th = White
> > November 12th ~ November 21st = Gold
> > November22nd ~ December 1st = Cream
> > December 2nd ~ December 11th = Grey
> > December 12th~ December 21st = Maroon
> > December 22nd = Teal


You are the cute and lovable type. You are picky but always in love...and
likes being loved. Fresh and cheerful, but can be "moody" at times. Capable
with people, nice, soft and they can love you for the way you are. Likes
people who are easy to talk to and can make you feel comfortable.


Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are
trustworthy, and very out going. You choose love carefully and don't fall
in love easily. But once you find the right one, you don't let go for a
long long time.


You are mostly interested in your looks and have high standards in picking
love. You think and make a solution precisely and hardly make stupid
mistakes. You like to lead and is easy for you to make new friends.


You are attractive, and active. You never hide your feelings and express
everything that's inside. But can be selfish at times. You want to be
noticed, and don't like to be treated unequally. You can brighten up
people's day. You know what to say at the right time, and you have a good
sense of humour.


You get along well with new people. You are not really a shy person, but
sometimes you can hurt people's feelings by your words...You like to be
loved and noticed by your lover, but mostly you are single waiting for the
right person.


You know what's right and what's wrong for you. You are cheerful and out
going. It's hard for you to find the one you want, but once you find the
right person, you won't be able to fall in love again for a long time.


You are always trying your best in everything, and like to help and care
for other people. But you are not easily satisfied. You have negative
thoughts, and you look for the sort of romantic love only found in


You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong
leadership role in relationships. You make good decisions and make the
right choices at the right time. You dream of a romantic relationship.


You are intellegent, and know what's right. You like to make things go your
way, which can sometimes cause trouble for not thinking about other
people's feelings. But you can be patient when it comes to love... Once you
get a hold of the right person, it's hard for you to find a better love.


You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people.
You always have goals you look towards, and are competitive. When it comes
to friendships, you find it hard to trust someone, but once you find the
right friend, you trust them for ever.


You are mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily. Your
day can be sad or happy depending on your mood. You are popular between
friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget things easily. You go
for people who are trustworthy.


You are calm, but easily stressed out. You get jelous easily, and complain
over little things. You can't get stuck into one thing,but you have a
capable personality for everyone to trust you and like you.


You are imaginative and shy, but you like trying new things. You like to
challenge yourself. You learn things easily, and like "Hard to get". Your
love life is usually hard and confusing


You are challenging, and have the "guts". But you don't like changes in
your life. And once you make a decision, you keep it that way for a long
time. Your love life is also challenging, and different.


You are warm and light hearted. You seem to flow well with friends and
family. You don't like violence and know what's right. You are kind and
cheerful and don't envy other people easily.


You are active and sportive. It's hard for other people to get close to
you, but you fall in love easily. But once you find out you can't get
something, you give up and let go easily as well.


You have low self-esteem and are very picky. You are artistic and like to
fall in love, but you let your love pass by, by loving with your mind, not
your heart.


You are attractive, and love your life. You have a strong feeling towards
everything and are very easily distracted. Once you get angry at someone,
its hard for you to forgive them.


You dream and have goals in your life. You get jealous easily and you don't
react to things easily. You are different and sometimes thought of highly
by others.


Your feelings change suddenly and easily. You are always lonley, and like
travelling. You are truthful, but listen and believe other people too
easily. It's hard to find love for you, and get lost in love easily.
Sometimes you also get hurt by love.

Friday, September 11, 2009

raye raye raye raye !!

wee~kehangatan musim raye semakin trse ohh.gyle raye da.yeyeyeeyeyye! dak kecik an :P.ta saba na raye ohh.leh dpt wet raye.lyk ke dpt wet raye?agaga:D

btw an,slmt smbut raye ucpkan slmt smbut raye.slmt mkn kueh raye.slmt mntak ampun.slmt mlntak gk.haha. saje je wish awl2 cz tkot ta smpt update b4 pn,tok kwn2,tok mak ayah,tok my beloved husband,and all of lecturer, plishh forgive meeee.

slm lebaran tulus ekls dpd ; cik nurul

hello all

weee~.smggu da ta update an.aduyaii.ta smpt la na un9 bz gyle2 nan na siapkan maty asenye.agpn,mggu neh mud ta bpe na elok la.cdey mmnjg ohh.nanes je.ta henti2.jd lemah sanad2.mklumla,gado nan beloved husband.memg cmneh la.smlm nanes.smpai mmber2 nek wsau.mate da bengkak.then,pg td da oke ckt malang ag skaly.jato lak dlm toilet.terhentak pale nurul.huwaaa.saket gyle.:(

ri senin test hbgn etnik,titas nan bhs arab.fuhh.semangat gyle nurul jwb exm.nan pnoh ykn ag.alhmdulillah,oke la pe yg nurul dpt.kene brsyukur ohh.haha.ri senin memg gyle penat la.kelas smpai kul 5.ase na trcabot kki dok jln tuka2 kls.bdn penat dok dduk je ats kusi ue.lenguh woo.gyle seyh.then,g bazar ar semarak ue,ag la penat.ase na trcabot kki dok jln2 at bzr ue.da la bsr.haha

pe ag eh na story? td test bhse arab ag.memg sng ah .ta sgke lak ssng ue.hahahahaha,na tw ta?gyle wndu laa at my husband, dye wt tytow.wt bntal plok.haha:P

eii.penat la story2 neh.len kli la wt asaiment kompang dlu.ngee~

Saturday, September 5, 2009


arghhhh!! em exm exm exm n exm n exm n exm.ta abes2 ohh.serabot lak pale nurul neh.soxx de 3 pper ag.hbgn etnik,TITAS n bhse arb.memg gyle ahh na hafal sume bnda neh.nek migrain da.huwaaaa.mama ! help !

exm la saat yg plg merunsingkn pale otk nurul neh.ta suke exm.exm lagu rimas yg fabolous cat nynyi ue.hik3:P.bhse arb de 2 bab ag lom hfl.kuatkan smgt kuh.hope smpt.insya allah.

grrr.akn kuhapuskan word exm ue 1 day t.haha

bulan ramadhan bulan yang berkat

wahh.sdr ta sdr an,da msok ary ke 16 kite mnymbut bln rmdhn an,wahh.memg ta sgke la.jup je mse brllu ohh.ishh3.raye pn na dkt neh.rmai yg da brtungkus lumus wt prsiapan raye.nurul je lom ag cz bz nan keje yg brtimbun .haha

tp an,pe pn la.dlm bz2 wt prsiapan rye ue,jgn la lupe lax na wt aml ibdt.jgn la lupe wt solt trwkh.jgn lupe lax na pose.jgn ponteng2 pose yeahh:D.haha . skunk neh pn adlh ary2 trakhr dlm bln rmdhn.tyme neh la kite smpai ke prgkt kedua dlm bulan rmdhn iaitu, prgkt maghfirah.prgkt neh la tyme kite na mmhon rhmt n keampunn dpd,jom la kite berlumba2 tok wt aml ibdt d bln yg mulia neh :)

bln rmdhn neh gk bkn stakat na thn lapa n dhge je gk bln tok kite tahan sume godaan hawa nfsu kite dpd wt prkara yg ta,kontrol la sume pangai kite eh.brusahalah tok jd yg trbaek dpd ary2 n bulan2 yg sblmnye :)

amlm brpose neh da lame diamalkan sejak dpd umat2 trdahulu dlm firman allah dlm surah al-baqarah.korunk cek la eh.hehe.ta trdaye lak na tulis nye dlm bhs arb :P

so,lets tambahkan aml ibadat kite sume.sme2 la wt solat trwkh even solat trwkh ue ta wjb wt ianye sunat muakkad yg sanad dituntu dlm islam.muhasabah la diri kite.

TEMPAT TIMBA ILMU stori lax sal tmpt nurul stdy.weee~tmpt yg plg besh la.memg besh la.ta cye?try la msok.haha. nurul stdy at univ sains islam msia or USIM.haaa.tgk la logo USIM at bwh neh.nmpk unik an.memg pn.haha

at cneh nurul amk srjana muda pengajian akidah dan agama dgn kepujian
.4 thn la nurul kene dok bertapa at bumi tape,4 thn ke,40 thn ke.ta kesa.
demi dptkan segulung ijzh,nurul sggop wlau trpkse mnmpuh halangan yg pelbagai.

haaa,neh lax sbhgn mmber2 nurul yg sme kos nan nurul at sne ohh.
sume happening gyle.pdhl student akidh kene nmpk sopan sntiasa.haha

neh nurul nan k.wan yg merenk.haha

neh lax temn2 sprjuangn nan tarzn d utan.haha

neh nurul nan salma yg kiut:P

lets get noe.lets get noe me.haha

eii.muke gle ta brslh la tyme neh. haha

pes2 nye na cte sal diri nurul ah kottt.ngee~eii.mmpy pe tah nurul ri neh,tbe2 je ase na stat wt blog.tgk mmber2 len wt cm syiokk abess pe ag.try la.pdhl,tatw ppe pn sal blogger neh.hentam saja la labu!haha:P.

kowunk na tw sal nurul taa ? name yg mak ayh n atok bg NOORUL HUDA.sdp an nme?haha:P .nurul neh mude ag auw.bru je 2 thn .agaga:D.tade la.da menginjak ke usia dewasa kodd.cewahh.da 20 da.haha.

ckunx neh lax,nurul nga smbong stdy in degree.wahh.dgree ue.ta tahan.haha. stdy at USIM or univ sains islam msia.perghh!nme dye pn da gah gle ahh ! haha.tuh lom tgk ag sbjek yg nurul amk at ah taleh tahan.haha.BACHELOR OF AKIDAH AND RELIGION STUDIES.gylee ahh.haha.